3 secret techniques that will make your speech hit the gut

This article will teach you how to speak so well that your audience will decide to follow you even to the depths of hell. (Yes, you read that right)

You will learn the secrets that great speakers use consistently to make an audience go “wow”.

Now while these tips are important, they don’t mean you must forego the universally recognised foundations of a speech. Every speech must be constructed with a powerful opening, a body and a concise conclusion. Each element of these have distinct techniques of their own.

If you plan on running for president, delivering a ted speech, or a keynote one day; these are techniques, if mastered, will assure you success. But I must say, it can be dangerous to learn these. In the hands of the wrong person they can be used for evil. But it’s your choice to use it for the good or the bad.


  1. Master your Rhythm

Every great speaker has a distinct rhythm in their speech.

Take Martin Luther King for example – how he paces his words is melodic. He stresses on the important words and cruises through sentences as if it was a song. It’s almost music to the ears. This musicality draws the audience into a hypnotic trance, as if no other disturbance matters.

Remember I mentioned Hell? Take Adolf Hitler for example – although he speaks in German, you can feel the power of his words, and the hypnotic effect of his rhythmic speech. You can listen to Hitler, without understanding a word, and still conclude that there is no-doubt his speeches made an unimaginable impact.

  1. Harness the power of repetition

What is the one line you remember when you think of Donald Trump’s election campaign? “Make America Great Again”

What do you remember when you think of MLK? “I have a dream”

Watch this video clip and notice how Barack Obama uses the power of repetition on this speech, highly regarded as the “Speech that won him the presidency”

“There is not a liberal America and a conservative America, there is the United States of America! [cheers] There is not a black America and a white America, a Latino America, an Asian America, there’s the United States of America! [cheers] Hope, hope in the face of difficulty, hope in the face of uncertainty, the audacity of hope!”

Now take a look at this World Champion of Public speaking using the power of repetition to drive his message to the audience.

What catch phrase can you repeat in your presentation to create an impact?

  1. Expand and Enhance your vocabulary

I heard Tony Robbins once say “Expand your vocabulary, Expand your life. Enhance your vocabulary, enhance your life”. A great speaker is on a constant pursuit to expand and enhance their life.

The average human being knows around 20,000 – 35, 000 words. If that’s you, then congratulations you’re like everyone else. But average human beings do average things, have average ideas and ultimately deliver average speeches.

Phenomenal speakers are a rare, because they read too much and they remember new words and new sentence structures just so that they can use it in their speeches.

Consider the following:

The more words you know:

  1. The clearer your thinking.
  2. The better your ability to explain things at different levels of understanding.
  3. The better your comprehension

Eloquence is attractive. It can give an audience the illusion that you are intelligent and know what you’re talking about.

Even if you don’t know something, by giving the illusion that you do, you may even topple the world.


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