How to write a powerful speech opening [Infographic]

How to write a powerful speech opening infographic
How to write a powerful speech opening infographic

A speech opening is crucial when drawing your audience to you. It leaves a mark in the listeners mind. It tells them if they should listen further or not.

Here’s my infographic which I’ve featured on my official blog (I share the most effective techniques to open a speech successfully in this blog and post there once a week.)

Every speaker has the capacity to etch that unforgettable memory in their audience – even if you are a beginner. It just takes the right guidance.

So if you’ve been opening your speeches with “I’m happy to be here today” or “Is this Mike on?” – here are the techniques that’ll help you stand out.

Foundations to Opening a Speech

You can find articles online with a number of opening techniques. Lists can range from 3 to a staggering 99. While some articles share great techniques here and there, I haven’t found a single one that condenses the principles of speech openings.

In this post I have categorised the best and unique techniques into three main categories. Under each I have given examples of how you can execute them and use them in your speeches in the future.


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